Monday, January 28, 2013

28th Jan 2013 - Celebrating my brother 25th Bday

my brother bday is on 29th but we decide to celebrate 1 day in advance as my sis MIL bday is on the same day too.. this year my bro wants to have nasi lemak and so we are having nasi lemak party at home...
homecooked nasi lemak
 homecooked sambal chili
 breaded scallops 
 fried chicken wings
 fish slices
 luncheon meat
 lee wee brothers ikan billis
 otah from lee wee brothers
 curry vege...
 my brother do not like cake and so requested me to make him a steamed egg as bday cake.. haha
 my sis oso buy him a pandan chifon cake coz jayden calls his ah yi and tell her to buy a cake for ah gu.. he says its so sad without cake on bday.. hahaha

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