Wednesday, February 27, 2013

27th Feb 2013

i did my gel mani on 1st Feb and it kind of peel off and turn ugly.. so i went with Steph n Mum to Nailxpert today to get a set of new gel mani n pedi..
dinner was at kin tub.. we are having mookata (thai steamboat) tonight... its recommended by Steph whom came the other with her hubby.. i personally like the mookata here.. the marinated meat is well marinated.. the chilli sauce is nice.. the seafood is fresh.. reasonable price... the only downside is tat.. the place is quite hard to get parking lot.. n u need to wait sometime for the meat to bbq as its cook using charcoal... don come when u r very very very hungry coz the waiting time for the food to cook is very xin ku esp when its already emitting smell.. hehe..
u can come n try if u r looking for mookata..
1B Geylang Lorong 13
Tel: 83826764

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