Friday, February 8, 2013

Jayden and his funny languages

1) Hubby asks Jayden how is his arts lesson today in school and he replies "its cool"

2) I was carrying lots of things on my hand and Jayden is walking slowly.. so i told him "Jayden, can you pls hurry up? My hand is breaking" My emo boy upon hearing this cries and say "I don wan mummy to die.. i wan mummy".. then he keeps touching my hand to make sure my hand is fine...

3) My sis is currently pregnant and so she ask if Jayden want to share his toys with baby.. he tells my sis "ah yi, can you swallow this toy so that meimei can play"

4) The other day, Jayden suddenly ask me "mummy, y is baby inside stomach and where does baby comes from".. he changes another topic b4 i can answer him

5) Jayden tells hubby that he wan to drive sports car next time.. so i tell him "Jayden, can you pick mummy go shopping in your sports car?" he replies "mummy, i cannot stop my sports car, the police will catch me you know"

6) my hubby got a shock when his son says "papa, y it takes ages to reach"

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