Friday, April 5, 2013

05th April 2013 - Jayden's 1st Taekwando Class

Jayden school has taekwando class offered for their student at extra costs.. after some discussion with hubby, we decide to let Jayden try.. his eyes are swollen when he comes out from the class.. the teacher says he cried in class.. i suppose its bcoz the teacher is fierce.. but i like it this way coz jayden is a quick tempered boy.. hopefully he can tame down his temper after attending this class.. hehe.. his taekwando teacher is a korea which i donoe his name.. jayden find this 1st lesson boring n not fun.. i think he is afraid of him teacher.. haha..
theresa.. this is jayden's teacher.. u know him??

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Theresa Lee said...

yes i know him haha