Thursday, April 25, 2013

23rd April 2013

Jayden is having class photo taking session today and so i help him to style his hair b4 going to school.. this vain boy is super happy and ask us not to touch his hair.. haha... 

its my MIL lunar bday and BIL suggest going Punggol Marina for dinner.. we cannot join them coz jayden has I can Read in the evening and so we went over to find them after Jayden class.. but only a while coz PILs are tired and wan go back rest.. since we are at Punggol, we decide to bring the kids to Punggol End for a walk and to play at the playground.. keong brings her daughter there too.. XC is so cute.. she is not scare of the sand and want to play with her 2 gorgors..

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