Friday, May 31, 2013

31st May 2013 - Belated Bday Celebration for Kathy

Kathy is my pal since poly times and her bday is actually on 21st May but bcoz of her work, we can only meet up today.. I am treating her to bday dinner and keep the venue of the dinner a suspense from her.. haha.. she only know we are going to M hotel for steamboat buffet on the day.. we meet up at Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station and walk over to M Hotel together..
not a lot of people today and we are sitted very near to the buffet table.. hehe...

 I specially ask the staff for a small bday cake for her when she goes to the toilet.. nice yummy cheese cake..
 Happy Birthday Pal...

wanted to go KTV and so we took a train to Nex party world but too bad, the next available slot for KTV is at 11pm to 2am.. so we decide to find a place for coffee and chill.. and we asked my hubby along.. we decide to go TCC at airport T3 since it is open 24 hours...
open concept restuarant.. very crowded, thou its already 11pm..

 hubby ordered a zesta cheesecake
 and we order a Deluxe Snack Platter to share.. the platter has onion rings, Mozza Stick and Shrooms Bite.. the onion ring, nothing special. the Mozza Stick is Crispy breaded cheese stick that oozes meltingly soft mozzarella cheese.. taste nice with the tomato dip... the Shrooms Bite is nice.. I like.. its light puff pastry filled with a sautéed mushroom ragout.. the mushroom filling is very tasty..
 for drinks, I ordered Fruitti Delight.. this drink is nice.. with refreshing taste.. and not very sweet..
 Hubby had latte.. no complain and so I reckon its nice..
 Kathy ordered the African berry tea.. she love this tea.. say nice and the tea is aroma.. we ask the staff to top up more hot water when finished and they gladly do it for us.. great service..
The Buffet Restaurant @ M Hotel is at M Hotel Level 2,
Opening Hours
Lunch: Monday to Saturday, 12.00pm - 3.00pm
Dinner: Daily, 6.00pm - 11.00pm
For reservations or to enquire
T: +65 6500 6116

TCC at Airport is at
Changi Airport T3 Arrival Hall
65 Airport Boulevard #01-22 Terminal 3 Arrival Hall, S819663
Tel: 6214 0680
Daily, Public Holidays & Eve of Public Holidays - 24 Hours

Thursday, May 30, 2013

30th May 2013 - Mac Desserts at Mac Cafe

was craving for desserts and hubby want to buy one more hello kitty for the boys, we decide to walk over to the Mac opp our house.. Personally, I quite like the oreo cheesecake from Mac Café.. the cheesecake is moist and with quite a strong nice cheese taste..
I also ordered Mac new drink, passion mcfrizz to try.. I like this drink (7up + passion syrup).. refreshing with a tinge of sweetness and sour.. nice drink..

30th May 2013 - Hello Kitty from MacDonald

MacDonald is having a Fairy Tale Hello Kitty.. each cost $4.60 for every meal ordered.. thou I am not a fan for Hello Kitty but I cannot resist buying it.. coz its  simply so cute.. hehe.. even Jayden and Jaycus like it..
this week is Wizard of Oz Hello Kitty..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

29th May 2013 - Nasi Lemak Dinner at Home

we are having nasi lemak tonight and I am the chef tonight..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28th May 2013 - Mini Bday Celebration for Helper

today is our helper's birthday and so I went downstairs to get her a birthday cake.. time flies.. this is her 4th bday celebration with us.. she is very happy with the surprise bday cake and ang pow we gave her.. Happy Birthday Bernadette...

Monday, May 27, 2013

27th May 2013 - Lunch at Canton Paradise

the other day, Theresa was telling me she uses the birthday vouchers from us to buy running shoes and this strike me.. I sld use my vouchers to buy a pair of running shoes too... hubby is off today and so he drove me to Compass Point to shop.. my brother is at home and joined us too... after walking around, we decide to have lunch at Canton Paradise coz my silly boy Jayden, says he wan to eat porridge.. no q and we are showed to our seats immediately.. the restaurant is quite small with quite a numbers of seats and tables..

 tea time promotion
 this is yummy.. our favourite.. crispy skin char siew bao.. the char siew filling is fragrant and sweet.. the skin is crispy and nice..

 platter.. we choose the 2 trio platter and we have roasted duck and roasted pork.. the roast pork here is nice.. the skin is crispy..

 chicken feet.. not too bad.. the sauce is quite special..
 braised chicken wing - nothing special
 pork ball porridge - ok.. not too bad.. but we still prefer the porridge at hougang ave 8
 prawn fritters - quite nice
 carrot cake - hubby says normal.. skin not those crispy type..he prefers those crispy skin type..
 hor fun - not nice.. sauce is quite bland.. not tasty..
 prawn chee cheong fun - ok.. not too bad..
 Xiao long bao - not very nice.. ding tai feng 1 better..
we are so full to the max after this meal.. a bit exp to eat dim sum here but the food quality is quite good.. the staff are quite attentive and the waiting time for the food is not very long.. overall experience is pleasant and will definitely come back for more.. esp for the crispy skin char siew bao.. strongly recommended to try this.. ^_^
Canton Paradise at Compass Point is at:
Sengkang Square
#03-19/20, Compass Point
Singapore 545078
Tel: 6384 3797
Fax: 6384 3512

Sunday, May 26, 2013

26th May 2013 - Shopping at Parkway Parade

we had dinner at home and decide to bring the kids out for a walk after dinner.. been a long time since we go Parkway Parade and so decide to go there.. wanted to have scoopz ice cream but it was replaced with uniqlo and so we walk over to Andersen's Ice Cream.. we decide to have our ice cream there and order the fondue to share.. personally I still prefer Häagen-Dazs ice cream.. I find Andersen Ice cream a bit too sweet...
 both Jayden and Jaycus like chocolate ice cream

 the fondue set to share..

 unlike Haagen-Dazs, we can choose the ice cream we like for Andersen

 dirty cat

after dinner, we walk around and when we reach level 2, Jayden saw this corner for Arts & Crafts and so he wan to do the painting again.. As usual, didi will wan to follow too..

 but didi make a mess and papa & popo have to help him clean up the mess...

 Jayden is so satisfied and happy with his masterpiece of Halloween Winnie the Pooh

 didi kitten.. with head and body of different colours.. hehe...
 after tat, we went to Giant for groceries shopping...