Monday, May 20, 2013

20th May 2013 - Jayden & Jaycus 1st Swimming Lesson

wanted to let the 2 of them learn swimming and so I approached the counter at Hougang Swimming Complex for swimming lesson.. I prefer to let them have lesson on every mon after 6pm and so I told the lady at the counter and she ask me to leave down my contact number.. am quite disappointed coz no instructors called.. then after a week, this instructor, Mr Raymond Na called and say he is opening a new class for kids whom do not know how to swim on mon 5.30pm and ask if we are interested to join.. I agree and so they are going for their 1st lesson today..

this instructor is very nice and patient.. very messy today coz the kids all are swimming around and walking around in the small pool.. they are not following instructions and 2 kids are scare of water and not willing to enter the pool.. hope the next lesson will be fine.. jayden enjoys the lesson and jaycus is moving around.. guess he is not able to listen to instructions yet.. hehe... shall continue to let them learn since they both love swimming...

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