Monday, May 27, 2013

27th May 2013 - Lunch at Canton Paradise

the other day, Theresa was telling me she uses the birthday vouchers from us to buy running shoes and this strike me.. I sld use my vouchers to buy a pair of running shoes too... hubby is off today and so he drove me to Compass Point to shop.. my brother is at home and joined us too... after walking around, we decide to have lunch at Canton Paradise coz my silly boy Jayden, says he wan to eat porridge.. no q and we are showed to our seats immediately.. the restaurant is quite small with quite a numbers of seats and tables..

 tea time promotion
 this is yummy.. our favourite.. crispy skin char siew bao.. the char siew filling is fragrant and sweet.. the skin is crispy and nice..

 platter.. we choose the 2 trio platter and we have roasted duck and roasted pork.. the roast pork here is nice.. the skin is crispy..

 chicken feet.. not too bad.. the sauce is quite special..
 braised chicken wing - nothing special
 pork ball porridge - ok.. not too bad.. but we still prefer the porridge at hougang ave 8
 prawn fritters - quite nice
 carrot cake - hubby says normal.. skin not those crispy type..he prefers those crispy skin type..
 hor fun - not nice.. sauce is quite bland.. not tasty..
 prawn chee cheong fun - ok.. not too bad..
 Xiao long bao - not very nice.. ding tai feng 1 better..
we are so full to the max after this meal.. a bit exp to eat dim sum here but the food quality is quite good.. the staff are quite attentive and the waiting time for the food is not very long.. overall experience is pleasant and will definitely come back for more.. esp for the crispy skin char siew bao.. strongly recommended to try this.. ^_^
Canton Paradise at Compass Point is at:
Sengkang Square
#03-19/20, Compass Point
Singapore 545078
Tel: 6384 3797
Fax: 6384 3512

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