Monday, May 6, 2013

6th May 2013 - Tulipmania at Garden by the Bay

I was so trilled and excited when my SIL msg me on facebook that  KLM is going to sponsor to fly in 20,000 tulip bulbs to be planted at the Flower dome at Garden by the Bay. I super love tulips.. so love till I choose tulip for my wedding bouquet.. and I miss my honeymoon days when we visit Keukenhof gardens at Holland.. so I bugged hubby to go with me.. we went on 1st May but due to the long queue, we never go into Flower Dome.. super disappointed and so hubby promised to go with me today again.. am so happy and I quickly booked the ticket online as I do not wan to be disappointed again...
You do not have to lost your way there coz there are signage along the way showing you the way and some facts on tulips.. the pillar along the way are decorated with tulip designs too...
We waited for Jayden to finish school and bring him along.. Jaycus is at school and so we never bring him along.. he is super happy and excited and keeps saying wants to buy tulips for me coz its my fav flower...
 no queue today.. coz its a weekday and is a working day
took some pic with the nice animals statue before going in

 the entrance
upon entering, you are greeted with these nice flowers walls picture.. nice pic...
big clogs.. how I miss Holland..

 I like this flower arch

here are some pic on the flowers inside flower dome.. other than tulips, there are many other nice flowers too...example: Hyacinths, Daffodils, Dahlias, Roses, Hibiscus

 I super love this mini tulip garden.. thou its not as big as Keukenhof gardens but still it remind me of that nice big garden in holland


 some interactive games before exiting the garden dome
 and we are given a pc of DIY tulip handicraft upon exiting

TULIPS.... thou this is a small display but I am so happy to see my favourite flower esp in Singapore coz we cannot grow Tulips in Singapore... and its so nice to see so many tulips here...

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