Sunday, June 30, 2013

30th June 2013 - My Cousin Shane ROM at One Degree 15

my cousin is having his solemnisation ceremony today with his girlfriend Candy at One Degree 15 and we are invited to this.. check out their cute lollipop invitation that allows us to drive into Sentosa FOC
thou this place is quite inaccessible, but i quite like the scenery here..
as the girlfriend name is Candy and so the theme for today is sweets & candies.. very nice deco...
as we are there quite early, we ask the couple to take a pic together with my uncle and auntie...
they even have a candy buffet and wow.. lots of sweet stuffs.. the kids are the most excited lots...
 door gift for the guests...
the march in
 exchange the vows
 exchange the rings
 they are now officially Mr & Mrs Lim...
the table setting for the guests to have their meals.. they have cater buffet for the guests..
 the nice polka dot balloons with the photos tag on it.. from their dating to the pre wedding shoot..
 a family photo before going home...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

29th June 2013 - Dinner at Nolboo Hangari Galbi

today is my FIL's birthday and the initial plan is to go my ILs house to celebrate his birthday, but hubby calls in the morning and says my FIL don wan to celebrate this year and so we decide to dine out tonight.. just the 2 of us.. we have no idea wan to eat what and hubby says he has cravings for some BBQ stuffs and so he suggests going to Orchard Central to see what we can have there.. upon reaching, we do not wan to have what and many restaurants here have long queue.. we are so lucky to see no queue at this Korean restaurant, just nice, since hubby wan BBQ food, we can have Korean bbq food here.. and we are seated immediately...
the cute Korean gal statue outside the restaurant

 the sauce and spiced salt for the bbq meats
 we are served this complimentary corn porridge, quite nice.. it taste sweet...
 Usually when we have Korean food, they will serve a range of appetisers before the food is served. The appetisers that were served at Nolboo is very nice, the kimchi is spicy enough and I like the salad they serve, the salad sauce is not the usual mayo sauce but is the wet sauce that taste sourish and a tinge of sesame oil taste. Hubby like the lettuce with the Korean chilli paste and the Korean fishcake. Nice appetiser range that we finish almost all the appetisers

Sam-gye Tang (Korean Ginseng Soup)
Nice soup with ginseng taste, the chicken is cooked till tender and the rice that is soaked in the soup has absorbed the ginseng soup making it soft like porridge and with nice ginseng chicken taste. Best taken while its still hot.
 Dakgogi Bibim Bap (Bulgogi Chicken Bibim Bap)
Hubby and I were so addicted this, this bibim bap is so yummy that we will come back for more for this. The bibim bap is served in a hotplate kind of bowl, Korean chilli sauce and some vegetables with the bulgogi chicken is added into the rice, the hot bowl makes the rice crispy with a little burnt taste. It taste great with the sauce and chicken. Yummy.
 Sam-gyeop-sal (Fresh Pork Belly) - $18.90 for 200g
The staffs here bbq this for us and so it is grilled to perfection, the pork belly is not burnt and still tender. I never try this dish but according to hubby, the pork belly is tender and the pork belly is well marinated with the sauce, making the pork taste great.
 Halgari GalBi (Marinated Beef Short Ribs) - $35.90 for 320g
Again, this is grilled by the staffs and it is grilled to perfection, not burnt. I heart this marinated beef short ribs as the beef is so tender. The beef is so well marinated that when you put the beef into your mouth and bite, you can taste the sauce and with the beef, its heaven. Apart from beef, there is also prawns, onions and corn too. The prawns are fresh and do not stick to the shell. I am so full that I never eat the onion and corn and so no comment on that.
 see our table full of food...
 overall, this place is good with prompt and friendly waitresses.. thou the price is a bit high but i find it worth it coz the food is really yummy and the servings huge.. so if you are at Ochard area and looking for Korean food, you can visit Nolboo Hangari Galbi at
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central

Tel: 68849151
After the heavy meal, we decide to walk around and saw this vintage Porche Coupe at the entrance..

Friday, June 28, 2013

28th June 2013 - An evening at West Coast Park

we like to bring the kids to West Coast Park whenever we have the time and so today after dinner, hubby suggests bringing them to West Coast Park again.. the reason y we like this park is becoz of 3 reasons:
1) the park is huge with fun exercising stations (use to have a playground there, but demolished already)
2) we love to see the yacht and boats there
3) there is a MacDonald there and we can go there for drinks and fries... 

28th June 2013 - Manicure & Pedicure session

my cousin ROM this sun at one degree 15 and my current coat of gel manicure is very ugly already.. so time for a new coat of gel nail polish.. my manicurist says they have a new range of nail design and so I decide to go for this design.. i like this new coat of polish on my hand..

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

26th June 2013 - Crazy Hello Kitty Queue at RWS Mac

the sales for the last MacDonald Fairy Tale Hello Kitty will commence for sales from 12mn and from facebook, many are already posting the long q at many Mac Outlets and so hubby suggests going to RWS Mac to try our luck since it is a new outlet, thus maybe not so many pple.. we are wrong.. at 11.30pm, the q is already snake long.. I gave up.. I am not going to join in the queue..
 the singing bone hello kitty...

26th June 2013 - Arts & Crafts at home

the 1 month June holiday.. apart from watching cartoons, play ipad and do assignment books, I also bought some crafts works for Jayden to "kill" time at home..
I got him this foam lizard from Popular... quite easy arts & crafts that Jayden is not interested at all...

 he likes this mosaic painting that I buy from Bangkok.. different colours of mosaic for different numbers and you juz have to paste the mosaic according to the number and tah dah, the completed pic.. quite a good craft work for kids coz it takes time lots of time to complete and to improve the patience level too....

Monday, June 24, 2013

24th June 2013 - Advance Birthday Celebration for Fiona

Fiona was saying she has never been to Irodori before and since her birthday is coming (3rd July), we decide to go dinner on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowd and to celebrate her birthday in advance.. just another excuse for feasting together.. haha...
these appetisers are served upon sitting down
some of the food that we ordered today 
these items are complimentary and 1 time order only..

 what is birthday without a cake.. and so we decide to surprise her with a small princess Fiona cake from prima deli.. she ever mention casually before that she wishes to have a princess Fiona cake this year.. and tah dah.. her wish is granted..
our individual shot with her...
finally full attendance for 7 of us.. BFFs...
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