Sunday, June 2, 2013

02nd June 2013 - Chicken rice at Katong Shopping Centre

one of our favourite chicken rice stall.. this stall is located at the basement of Katong Shopping Centre and it has many supporters, always long queue at this stall..

 they have both boiled chicken and roast chicken, I personally prefer the boiled chicken.. the skin is smooth and the chicken meat is tender and juicy..
 the char siew and roast pork is nice too...
 the stall owner is very generous with the soup.. they prepared more than one type of soup daily and they are not stingy with giving you the soup.. they have different soups every day.. today, they have lotus root soup and cabbage soup..the lotus soup is very yummy... I think they added pepper into it.. not spicy but it make the soup special and the soup is very sweet, the cabbage soup is also nice.. the cabbage is cooked till soft and the soup is sweet with chicken taste.. so I suppose the soup is boiled with chicken..

 their homemade achar.. they are not stingy with their achar too.. they had a big box of it at the stall and customers can take as much as they want..

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