Monday, June 10, 2013

10th June 2013 - Dinner at Toastbox (RWS)

donoe wan to go for dinner and so we ended up at RWS.. decide to go Toast Box for something not so heavy coz we are not very hungry...
 Hubby's Drink - Pepsi with Calamasi($4.20) ... sour with the calamasi but I prefer my pepsi or coke with lemon..
 my all time favourite drink here.. I realise not all Toastbox serves this drink.. Iced Sour Plum Soda ($4.20).. I like the taste of this drink with the sour plum syrup. It make this drink a little saltish yet a little sourish.. nice combi...
 waiting for this to vibrate to collect our orders
 tom yum noodles ($6.50).. its actually maggi mee cooked with tom yum soup, half hardboiled egg and 2 pcs luncheon meats are added in too.. the soup is sour and spicy enough and is thick with strong tom yum taste. A little high on the price for instant noodles but so far I only seen this on their menu at RWS..

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