Thursday, June 13, 2013

13th June 2013 - Fun times at Bouncing Kids

Davion's Childcare is close today and tomolo due to staff retreat and so Fiona took 1/2 day off today.. she brings Davion over to my place and we are bringing the kids to Bouncing Kids, an indoor playground near my house. Jaycus is not feeling well, he had fever last nite but we still bring him along with us, since his fever had subsided since morning and we find him so poor thing if we leave him at home with helper. so these 3 boys happily hold hands and off we go....

thou this is near my house but this is our 1st time here too
 not very spacious place..
but the playground area is quite ok in size for the kids... they had fun climbing up and down and chasing each other.. while Davion and Jayden is up climbing and running, poor didi can only play at the balls area coz we are scare he might vomit or sick again...
parents are allowed into the playground but not advise to go climbing up with the kids and since the 2 boys are old enough to play on their own, the 2 mummies decide to sit down at the cafe and have snacks.. hehehe
our drinks
 French fries with cheese sauce
 chicken wings
 as usual, Jaycus is more interested in food than play.. haha..
 the super nice Auntie Fiona buy them this angry bird gummies to share coz they are bugging me to buy but I refuse.. hehe... and the 3 of them are so nice to share and never fight for the sweets..

Bouncing Kids is at
Blk 206 Hougang Street 21
#01-K2 Singapore 530206 (the former bus interchange area)
Tel/Fax: 6285 3595
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 10am to 9pm
Fri-Sun. PH and School Holidays
10am to 10pm

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