Wednesday, June 19, 2013

19th June 2013 - A Day at the Little Big Club (Hello Kitty Land)

we wanted to bring the kids to LEGOLAND today but upon arriving at Tuas Checkpoint, we realise the haze is quite bad today.. since we are already at the checkpoint and not to disappoint the kids, I suggest to hubby to go Little Big Club instead since it is quite near to LEGOLAND...
Jayden is so excited when we reach coz he saw Thomas..
Little Big Club has 3 levels, the 1st Level is Hello Kitty Land, the 2nd Level consists of Barney, Angeline Ballerina, Bob the Builder and Pingu, the 3rd Level is Thomas.. so as expected, Jayden requested to go Thomas first... the first ride that we see when we go up the escalator is the Thomas Train Ride.. this ride is sitting onto Thomas train and it will goes 2 round in circle..
 next, we went to take Bertie the Bus ride..something like merry go round ride..
 the Harold Helicopter ride
 this is Jayden's favourite, Bumper car...
 the indoor playground area
After playing at Thomas level for a while, we went down to Level 2.. there's a barney performance going on when we go to Level 2
Bob the Builder playarea.. kids can play with the indoor playground here and build walls using the sponge bricks there..
building a wall and crashing it after building it
 Pingu playarea, kids play with arcade games here...
Nothing much at Angelina Ballerina, here kids can dress up with the tutu provided at the side as Angelina Ballerina.. too many kids there and I paisei to wear the tutu so I dragged Jayden with me to take pic with Angelina Ballerina
Nothing much at Barney Corner too
we then proceed to Hello Kitty Land at Level 1.. the first ride here is the mini tea cup ride..
 then we go into Hello Kitty House.. lots of cute stuffs here.. I love it..
 I wish my kitchen can be like this too.. so cute...
 Hello Kitty washroom...
 Hello Kitty wardrobe and drawers..
 my dream bed since young..
 the different cute deco at hello kitty land
 Going into Hello Kitty Black Wonder to solve mystery to rescue Hello Kitty.. u have to follow the hints and instructions to get the code to solve the mystery.. a certificate is awarded at the end.. we got a B...
 the shopping area..
there's a hello kitty theme cafe here.. we never eat here... so not able to comment on the food here..

 since its still quite early, we drive over to Bukit Indah, about 10-15mins ride from Little Big Club.. we decide to eat at this Sizzling Stonecall for our Lunch.. nice food and the price is reasonable..
 the kids saw this kiddie car ride and so we pay for them to play for 10mins...
went Jusco to buy groceries and we will buy this peeled coconut whenever we are here..
 along the way back home, Jaycus suddenly put this plastic bag on his head and say "I am wearing a hat"...
the kids are so happy today and say they want to go again.. 

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