Saturday, June 22, 2013

22nd June 2013 - Jaycus's First Meet the Parents Session

today is Jaycus's first meet the parents session and hubby is busy at work to go with me.. the haze is still quite bad today and so I have to wear a mask out to go to his school on my own..
The teachers say Jaycus has to sit at the first row during lesson time.. if he sits at the back, he will disturb his classmates and keep talking.. he needs attention during lesson time, he needs his teachers by his side whenever they are doing work and he do not like to hold his crayons or pencils long.. after a while, he will let go the crayons or pencils and refuses to write or colour.. but he is a helpful boy, he loves helping his teachers, for example, he is the one that will help his teachers to keep their mattresses away after their nap in school and he loves it when they praises him.. he is the one the eats the most during meal time and he is the first to fall asleep during nap time.. overall, Jaycus is behaving well in school.. so different from being at home..
 His report card and comments from his teachers..

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