Thursday, June 6, 2013

6th June 2013 - Dinner at Danro Hotpot

my friend Sam spotted this Japanese Hotpot, Danro by MOF in NEX and she asks us to go with her.. we all love feasting and since we have not tried this before, we decide to go together.. The price for the Dinner buffet price for Mon - Thu is $23.90++ for adults and kids 3 to 9 years old dines for free. Dinner buffet price for Fri - Sun is $25.99++ for adults and $9.99++ for kids age 3 to 9 years old. You get 10% discount if you are MOF member. We feel this price very reasonable and worth the money coz the food is good and variety is a lot..

 Check out their range for cooked items, mostly are delicious and still warm.. for the deep fried items, it is still crispy.
 they also have a wide range for raw food and they replenish the items very quickly.
since we have 4 adults, we can choose 4 kinds of soup base. They have quite a few for us to choose and we decide to choose these four. The clear soup is Akita Wafu Broth that is cooked with pork, chicken, shrimp and some vegetables. The milky soup is Nara Chicken and Milk Broth that is cooked with Chicken, Shrimp, Mushroom and some vegetables. These 2 are Danro's recommended soup base. I personally like both the soups but my friends preferred Akita over Nara.
 The next pot we choose Hokkaido and Shikoku. The one in red is Shikoku Chicken Spicy Broth that is cooked with Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, assorted mushrooms and some vegetables, thou its named spicy but I find it not spicy enough and this is my favourite soup base out of the 4. The other soup base is Hokkaido Wafu Miso Broth that is cooked with Salmon, Shrimp and some vegetables.
 This DIY ice cream is yummy. The ice cream is smooth and creamy and they have a few items such as fruit/chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, cornflakes at the side for us to add
 they also offer other choice of desserts
With the wide range of food to choose and the 10% from Sam MOF member card, I think it is definitely worth going. For this meal, we each pay $25.
Danro @MOF is at
Serangoon NEX #02-04/06
Singapore 556083

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