Friday, June 7, 2013

7th June 2013 - Ken & Debbie Birthday at California Pizza

Been a long time since we last meet up and since ken and Debbie Birthday is on 8th and 10th June, we decide to celebrate their birthday too. After some discussions, we decide to go California Pizza for dinner.

 Foccacia ($9.90). I don't quite like this, its like those cheese bread but a bit bland with a little cheese taste.
 Our favourite 12" Peking Duck Thin Crust Pizza ($23.90). Unique pizza with Peking duck topping and those Peking duck sauce. Nice and special, definitely worth to try.
 Eggroll ($19.90). I like this, the bacon filling with the crispy wanton like skin make a perfect match. Dip and eat with the tartar sauce and thousand island sauce make the taste even better.
 12" Hawaiian Thin Crust Pizza ($22.90). The ham on the pizza is very nice.
 12" Wild Mushroom Thin Crust Pizza ($23.90). I never try this but my friends all love this.
 Their recommend 12" BBQ Chicken Thin Crust Pizza ($23.90). The BBQ sauce is nice making this pizza yummy.

We buy them a Awfully chocolate cake 
 Happy Birthday to Debbie
 Happy Birthday to Ken
we had coffee at Starbucks after dinner. Great catching up with them.
California Pizza is at
435 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238884 (Inside the Forum)

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