Sunday, June 9, 2013

9th June 2013 - Swimming at a condo at Joo Chiat Road

we are going swimming at a condo along Joo Chiat Road..

after the swim, we walk over to You Ji Duck Rice for our dinner.
 self service counter for their chilli, I like to mix their sambal chilli with the chilli sauce that taste a little sour.
 we ordered braised egg for the kids
 Jaycus favourite braised peanuts. The peanuts are cooked till soft but a little too salty.
 The yummy braised duck. My mum like the braised duck from You Ji. The sauce is nice and thick and the duck is tender.
 salted veg, soft but a little too spicy as they have added dried chilli into it. Nice to eat with rice.
 Some of us have noodle and some of us have rice.
 I prefer their rice coz the rice is cooked with braised sauce and thus making the rice yummy and fragrant.
braised pig intestines, we all don like this dish coz there is funny taste, we think the intestines are not clean properly.
mixed braised items, nice.. the braised pork is soft, the pork skin is springy and the tau pok has absorbed the braised sauce.
Ice cream for desserts after meal. There is this sugarfree ice cream shop next door and we decide to go in to try.
a wide range of ice cream to choose
No sugar, no cream and no yolk.. wow.. healthy ice cream... hahaha...
I am so excited when I see they have yam ice cream coz its my favourite flavour. Thou the ice cream is sugar free (they use artificial sugar) but it still taste yummy with strong taste of yam and little tinge of sweetness. The cone is crispy and nice too.

the type of sugar they use
very berry drizzle, nice with a tinge of sourness from the berries.
Jayden share French Dark Chocolate with hubby. Hubby says their chocolate ice cream is nice with strong chocolate taste and not sweet.
Jaycus also want one and he has rocky chocolate. Chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate cookies and marshmallows in it. 

Nice ice cream, will definitely come back for more of my favourite Yam Ice Cream..
You Ji Duck Rice at Joo Chiat is just nice to Sugalight Ice Cream
Sugalight Ice Cream is at
Sugalight Joo Chiat 
32 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427756
Tel: 6440 3644
they have another 2 branches at
Sugalight Rail Mall
462 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678076
Tel: 6762 3324
Sugalight RELC 
30 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258352
Tel: 6737 2202

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