Monday, July 22, 2013

22nd July 2013 - Dinner with my Sistas at TCC MBS

am meeting my evil sisters for an impromptu dinner at TCC MBS coz me, Sam and Pauline are going to OpenRice to collect our vouchers for the gourmet challenge.. my first visit to collect my first $50 taka vouchers, thanks openrice...
 hubby is joining us as he is off today and so he drove us over from orchard to MBS..
 we were quite surprise when we reach coz its usually quiet today and only one server at TCC and his attitude is not very good. Look at the glass for water, there's an obvious stain on the cup and when I ask him to change for me, his face turn a little black. Service is also slow as there is only one server..
 am very disappointed with TCC at MBS, coz a lot of items on the menu are out of stock, this made us wonder if this TCC is at verge of closing down?? and so these are what we have ordered..

 see... we still have to refill our own cups with water...
 since we are at MBS, Pauline walk over to au chocolat to buy back some desserts for her family members..

 the desserts at TCC..

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