Monday, July 8, 2013

8th July 2013 - Happy 5th Birthday to Jayden

Happy Birthday my Bao Bei... 5 years ago, this silly boy decide to pop out a mth earlier and he is so tiny and small then.. today he is all grown up and so tall.. am glad to b part of his growing stage.. love you my dear Jayden..
happen that today is Youth Day and so both the Js don need to go school and papa is off today too.. so we are going to have a healthy morning together.. we wake up early and go East Coast Park to ride bicycle.. hubby is curious and want to try this family bike.. this bike is no joke.. its even more tougher than riding the normal 2 wheels bike.. an hour on it is super tiring and my thigh is aching.. but the boys enjoy it and ask us to come again next time.. hehe...

in the afternoon, we took him to Toys R Us at Forum to let him choose his own birthday present and he decides to buy Jake the Neverland Pirate legoset..

 Going dinner with my mum, sis, bro, bil and zixuan at Swensen's Nex.. a little queue when we are there.. din take too much pic as we are all so hungry..

 I  ordered this for Jayden and he is so excited.. hehehe..

 I decide to get him Thomas cake for his bday and he choose to have James..

the cake from polar is not nice.. too sweet to our liking..

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