Friday, July 12, 2013

12th July 2013 - Impromptu Dinner at Triple 3

Fiona was saying that she finds the food at Triple 3 nice and has been asking us to go try and so that day she was casual mentioning and we (me, Pauline, sam) decide to go and try together since all 3 of us never try it before... this chandelier at the lobby caught my eye.. so nice..
 the simple yet nice modern table setting
 nice place but its a little dim
 lots of food to choose from

 I like their seafood range, fresh and they replenish it quickly..
desserts range is huge too.. 
 For this month, they have a chocolate buffet counter set up at the entrance. Most of their chocolate items are nice, not too sweet and strong chocolate taste. Good chocolate desserts.

 I am a fan for oysters but the service is rather slow here, we have to wait quite some time for the server to open the oyster in front of us. Will be good if they can open a few and leave it on the ice for customers to take rather than asking their customers to wait. But still, their oysters are fresh, just a little skinny, not those fat, plump oysters.

 their tempura is nice.. esp the sweet potato tempura, was telling Fiona, if Theresa is here, she will def like this too..

 this chilli 虾婆 is nice, I like its sauce, too bad no man tou hehe...
 Mentaiyaki Lobster and you need to queue to get this. You need to be quick as this is snap out quickly. The Mentaiyaki Lobster is nice with mayonnaise topping and Mentaiyaki. But some I think are overcooked coz it is quite hard and chewy.

 The herbal live prawns here is nice with quite strong taste of 当归 (dang gui) in the soup. The prawns were very fresh and crunchy

thou the price is a little steep here but I personally feel once a while indulgence is alright coz their food quality is good and the food is nice.. Their dinner buffet is priced at $98++ per person for adult.

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