Saturday, August 17, 2013

17th Aug 2013 - Dinner with Auntie Annie

Meihui suggested to have dinner at this Mariner's Corner today.. she finds the food here nice.. Mariners Corner restaurant that is located at the 1st floor of a building that is opposite to Pinnacle@Duxton.
 The interior is very old school and cosy and is like dining in the cruise cabin.
 For the price of $4.80, we can top up to a complete meal that consists of coffee/tea/softdrinks, soup of the day and free flow of salad from the salad bar. I will strongly recommend to top up to this complete meal as the selection from the salad bar is quite huge and most of it tastes great especially the coleslaw that tastes a little sour with crispy lettuce.
 Calamari ($6.00), nice, crispy on the outside.
 Tiger prawn and fish combo ($19.50), my brother in law ordered this and commented that the cheese that covered the prawn is nice and both the prawn and fish are fresh.
 Lobster and steaks combo ($25.80), the lobster they served is quite huge and fresh. The steak is grilled nicely to what I want at medium rare. Great dish for people whom love steak. The steak is soft and tender.
 Spaghetti Marinara ($16.80), I did not try this but from the look, this looks yummy
 we drive over to Garden by the Bay after dinner...

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