Saturday, August 24, 2013

24th Aug 2013 - Dinner at ILs house

been a long time since we had dinner together and so today we decide to potluck and have dinner together...
me - prawn tang hoon and XO scallops and broccoli
 young sil - cereal pork chop
 young BIL - honey chicken
 plain deep fried pork cutlets  for the kids
 MIL - fried leeks
 elder SIL - marinated cucumber with chicken innards
 Young SIL - msia styled bak kut the
 MIL - steamed crabs
 elder sil -steamed fish
 see our spread of food on the table...
 played and chat a while after dinner and we decide to go NEX for a short walk.. there is a lego fair going on and the kids are so happy...

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