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7th Aug 2013 - Au Chocolat with the Gals

Pauline n Sam tell us how nice the food is at Au Chocolat but we have yet to have a chance to try. Finally, we are going today together.. Theresa n me meet up earlier at MBS and we decide to ease our coffee craving at the Coffee Bean café that is located next to the fountain at MBS, they have both indoor seatings and "outdoor" seatings... thou the seats are located outdoor, but do not worry, they are not hot as it is still within the shopping mall and thus air-conditioned..
they have this system installed on all their tables, the staffs came to us almost immediately when we press on the button to get their attention and service..
 I ordered a cup of latte. The latte here is nice, strong coffee taste and well balanced of milk and coffee. The milk did not cover the taste of the coffee but enhance the  taste.
Theresa had cappuccino and she commented that its nice and strong coffee taste too..
we walk over to Au Chocolat when the gals watsapp us that they are reaching soon.. Au Chocolat at MBS is divided into bistro dining area and a retail confiserie with a wide selection of chocolate and candy. Apart from selling candy and chocolate, the retail confiserie also has items of their icons Yufa and OO, 2 cute dogs...
 check out the huge varieties of cakes and pastries...
 wendy and sam are already there when we reached... I love the ribbon logo on the menu.. so cute..
 they are having a promo for foie gras.. $5 for any main dish you ordered...
 sound like a great deal and so each of us ordered a set.. my 1st time eating foie gras.. but I do not really like this foie gras, a little like undercooked thou the exterior look burnt.. the gals say the foie gras at Chef D Table is still the best.. but well for only $5, I will think its worth to order and try...
we ordered 2 sides to share
1) Sweet Potato Fries $12.00, that is served with Mayo & BBQ sauce.. I super love the sweet potato fries here, it is sweet and crispy.. a recommended dish to order...
2) Mushroom Bites $14.00 that is cooked and simmer in red wine sauce. This dish is served with tomato and slices of toast at the side. Spread some of these mushroom on the toast and it's so yummy. The mushroom is well infused with the sauce and is soft, great combination to eat with the toast.
we ordered drinks too.. sam had Banana Boost $12.00,a drink a combination of white chocolate and banana.. she commented that this drink is nice and she is able to taste the taste and sweetness of the banana. Wendy had Mango Magic $12.00.. forget to ask her for the taste but I suppose should be nice coz no complains from her.. Theresa and Myself, we had the Taiwan lychee beer $12.00, its so nice, sweet and refreshing. Pauline ordered the Hot Fudge $10.00,accordingto her, this is nice when its consumed when its hot, the drink is creamy and had strong, nice chocolate taste..

each of us ordered a main too, Pauline, Evelyn and Me, we ordered the nice, yummy Boeuf Bourguignon $26.00. This is beef check, bacon, carrots and mushrooms slow cooked in veal stock and red wine. Looks  small when it is served in the pot but it is actually quite filling as there is mash potato underneath the beef and a bread at the side. I would strongly recommend this dish as the beef is well cooked, soft and had absorbed the sauce making it tender too.. the mash potato on it own is already tasty but taste even better when you eat it with the sauce. A very well done dish..
Sam and Theresa ordered the California Smoked Salmon Sandwich $20.00. Both of them have no complains with this dish and both commented that this is nice and the serving is huge.

Wendy ordered the Pacific Crab Cake $32.00. I had a small bite on this and this is nice too. The crab cake has nice, sweet taste of crab. Worth trying too..
We are all so full from the meal but well, there is always a little more space for desserts and furthermore, there is no way we can resist the temptation of desserts from the huge selection of cakes and pastries from the confiserie. We decide to order the Kalamansi tart $9.00 and Cookies & cream brownie $5.00 to share. Personally I prefer the Kalamansi tart over the Cookies & cream brownie. The Kalamansi tart topping has strong kalamansi taste which is sourish but the taste is so refreshing. You need to eat this together the tart, the combination is heavenly, the sweetness from the tart plus the sourish taste from the topping, nice and well-balanced... The cookies & cream brownie is nice but a little too sweet to my liking and so I only had a bite and stop...
a group photo before we end the night... 
 we are actually here for the Wednesday waffles promo that is 50% off on the second waffle purchased but was told by the staff that we cannot had waffles at the bistro area and that we have to walk over to the confiserie for it. We are comfortably seated down and do not want to sit at the high chair at the confiserie, we decide not to have the waffle today..

Thou we are disappointed that we don get to eat the waffle at the bistro area but still I think Au Chocolat is worth visiting, the staffs here are friendly and quite prompt... great place for friends meet up... I will definitely return again...

Au Chocolat is located at:
Bay Level L1-03
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Bistro T +65 6688 7227
F +65 6688 7266
Confiserie T +65 6688 7557
F +65 6688 7255

Opening Hours:
Daily 10.00am to 11.00pm (Last order at 10.30pm)





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